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Quality of Life


Vision Statement

Acclaimed as the ideal safe place to live, learn, work and play, Lee’s Summit embodies healthy living, excellence in the arts, recreation, learning and multi-generational leisure opportunities combined with a respect for the environment and its diverse population.


Goal 1: Support arts and culture in Lee’s Summit.

  • Increase the quantity, variety, and quality of arts programming that is reasonable priced and accessible.
  • Utilize the cultural arts identity as an economic and community development strategy.
  • Work to create a network of successful, sustainable, multidisciplinary cultural art spaces, museums, performance venues, and cultural districts that reflect our City’s diversity, creativity, and history.

Goal 2: Support a positive brand and consistent community image.

  • Determine desired image of Lee’s Summit.
  • Identify and address multi-generational interests and needs.
  • Implement and promote the Lee’s Summit brand.

Goal 3: Support a diverse community.

  • Identify, educate and implement civic standards for diversity within the community in order to promote mutual understanding and respect among all social, racial, religious, cultural and ethnic groups.

Goal 4: Support healty lifestyles.

  • Continue commitment to park preservation and expansion.
  • Create and promote awareness of community wellness initiatives so that residents increasingly choose healthy lifestyles.
  • Share community commitment to environmental sustainability.

KPA Chairs: Ben Martin & Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi