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Vision Statement

Transportation in Lee’s Summit is a planned, regionally integrated, multi-modal, accessible, and well-maintained system that facilitates movement about the city and encourages growth and economic development.

This system includes vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, aeronautical, rail and mass transit components that provide safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation of people, goods, and services to and from places where we live, work, worship, shop, play, learn, and seek medical care.


  • Goal 1: Airport – Determine if expansion of the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport (Airport) will provide desirable economic development and growth for Lee’s Summit with net positive benefits to the community overall.
  • Goal 2: Complete Streets – A “Complete Streets” system would allow safe access along and across Lee’s Summit streets for all citizens, including motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders.
  • Goal 3: Mass Transit – Provide the citizens of Lee’s Summit a safe, cost-effective, accessible, environmentally responsible regional mass transit system that connects people to work, educational institutions, medical institutions, and entertainment destinations within Lee’s Summit and with connections to other transit routes within the Kansas City metropolitan areas. This goal is to be accomplished as it is deemed feasible and fiscally sustainable for the City.

KPA Chairs: Tim Denker